Who We Are?

As a DMC, we offer world-class travel packages and customized tours to explore various destinations in the Middle East and Africa. With experienced experts and a strong network of partners, we create unforgettable adventures. We’re passionate about cultural connections, sustainability, and crafting your ideal vacation – whether it’s a tranquil beach break, adventure, or immersive cultural experience. Start your journey with us today!


Our Promises

Preserve our destinations and their finances.​

Protect marine life and the environment.

Support local artists and the community by making responsible choices

What We Offer 

Tours and Packages

Flights Booking & Visa Assistance

Nile Cruises

Short Excursions

Train Bookings

Hotel Reservations at Affordable Rates

The Creative Minds Behind DotCom Travel

Usama Fawzy

Founder & CEO


Senior Marketing Advisor

Ramy Fadl

Tourism Manger

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